Apartments in Bali in Canggu No. 526

Rooftop on the roof of the complex
Kitchen area

Apartment - 35 m²

Price: $110,000 ($3,143 per m²)

Rental income:
Loading - 70%
Revenue per day including load - $49
Revenue taking into account facility occupancy per year - $17,640
Profit taking into account expenses and taxes per year - $12,348 (11%)
Payback - 8 - 9 years

Income from buying and selling:
Purchase price:
Selling price:
$70,000 (63%)

Costs and taxes for the sale of an object are calculated individually and depend on various factors.

General expenses and taxes:
Notary fee 1% (shared 50/50 with buyer)
Tax on the sale of an object 11% (shared with the buyer 50/50)
Income tax for Indonesian resident (10%)
Income tax for non-resident Indonesia (20%)

Conditions of owning real estate:
Completion of construction - August 2025
Type of land and real estate ownership - leasehold 25 years + extension
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Area: Changu

Number of bedrooms: 1 bedroom

Unique location: Near the ocean

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