Investment real estate agency
in Bali. Indonesia.
Investment Real Estate Agency
in Bali

We specialize in real estate investments in Bali - we evaluate the investment attractiveness of real estate objects, select the best of them - and we are forming the appropriate investment products:

  • 15% of rental income from real estate
  • 20% of the purchase/sale of a real estate object
  • up to 35% when investing in development projects
How did BaliRay come about ?

Zhanna Volobueva, the owner of the Russian real estate agency "Big City" has invested in several real estate properties abroad, including in Asian countries - in Thailand and Indonesia in Bali, in order to lease and receive dividend income.

Having found a high yield in Indonesia, exceeding yield in other countries of the world, Janna focused on Bali. In order to provide real estate objects with rental income, the necessary occupancy by tenants, and the proper quality of services, she organized a management company for her objects.

After a year of active work, having become deeply acquainted with the real estate market and profitability in Bali, it became clear that it was possible to organize a unique company specializing in the acquisition of real estate in order to make a profit for investors from renting and reselling objects. As a result, the investment agency BaliRay appeared.

The founder of the BlaliRay real estate agency is Zhanna Volobueva.

  • A realtor with 20 years of experience.
  • The founder of a real estate agency in Novosibirsk is a "Big City"
  • Expert in foreign real estate