Canggu area in Bali

A charming region of Bali with traditional architecture, many beaches and rice fields!
The Canggu area stretches between Kerobokan and Echo Beach. Canggu is full of colorful beach bars. The waves on Canggu's coastline are suitable for surfers, and the beaches are full of hipsters and beautiful girls.

Canggu attracts a large number of expats who, in addition to the natives of the island, have been living in Canggu for quite some time. Canggu has a developed infrastructure: European cafes and restaurants, luxury spas, gyms and surf camps for every taste.
The Canggu area of ​​Bali consists of three main areas, each of which fronts one of the three main beaches of Canggu and bears the name of each beach: Berawa, Batu Balong and Eco Beach.

In the Canggu area, all beaches are surf beaches. All beaches have dark gray sand and fairly large waves.

Beaches of Canggu in Bali

1. Changgu Beach

The most popular beach in Changgu. Unique with beautiful black sand.
Many visitors come here in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful sunset view at this beach.
Canggu Beach on the island of Bali in the Canggu area
Canggu Beach (Canggu)
2. Batu Bolong Beach

Batu Bolong - The best beach in Canggu. On the sides there are Echo Beach and Chanffu beach. Fine black-gray sand of volcanic origin and an ideal wave for surfing for both beginners and surfing professionals. You can take surfing lessons here.
There are cafes and shops scattered throughout the beach. For a party you can go to Old Man's or Sand Bar, but it would be better to enjoy the sunset and swim in the evening at The Lawn.
Batu Bolong Beach in Bali in the Canggu area

Batu Bolong Beach

View location:

3. Pantai Nelayan Canggu Fisherman's Beach

The fisherman's beach in Canggu is popular among seafood lovers. Fishing boats can be seen neatly lined up waiting to go out to sea in the morning to catch fresh fish, especially lobster and shrimp. Tourists can dine here - shrimp, ocean fish, lobster, shellfish, octopus and much more. The sunset panorama looks very beautiful.
4. Echo Beach

One of the most popular black sand beaches in Canggu for surfers. Waves for professional surfers where you shouldn't swim. Along the beach there are beach clubs and sun loungers where you can relax with a coconut in your hands. Here is the popular Echo Beach Grill Bar with delicious barbecue.
Eco Beach in Bali in the Canggu area
Echo Beach Canggu
5. Berawa Beach

Berawa is located on the southwest coast of Bali, between the high waves of Eco Beach and the less violent waves of Batu Balong. It is simply created for surfing, vivid impressions and an enchanting holiday. It is here that you can meet a crowd of surfers who, in perpetual motion, do not lose hope of finding that very wave.

Nightclubs in Canggu, Bali

The main nightclubs in Canggu are - Finn’s Beach Club, Atlas Beach Fest, Old Man’s, La Brisa

1. Finn’s Beach Club

The best beach club in Bali, located on Berawa Beach. Every evening there are the coolest parties with the best DJs. The bar and pool offer a panoramic view of the beach, where you can enjoy the sunset while enjoying chic drinks while listening to electronic music.

Nightclub in Canggu, Bali Finns beach club
Finn’s Beach Club
2. Atlas Beach Fest

A huge three-level indoor night superclub accommodating 2,000 people 100 meters from Berawa Beach. Atlas is an ideal place for fans of club holidays. There is great electronic, hip-hop and R&B music here.
Atlas Beach Fest
3. Old Man’s

Famous for its Dirty Old Wednesday nights, which feature beer pong championships, with playlists that take you back to the good old days of rock 'n' roll, reggae and DJs who will completely knock your socks off with upbeat disco. - melodies.
4. La Brisa - ресторан и клуб морской бриз

La Brisa is located on the shores of Bali's Echo Beach and is one of the most fashionable and environmentally friendly establishments on the island. There are comfy bean bags, delicious cocktails, mouth-watering tapas and a unique mix of vintage, hippie and artistic design styles. There is a whole range of seafood here. Be sure to try the grilled octopus.

Canggu Restaurants in Bali

Best restaurants in Canggu - The Avocado Factory, Moana, Canggito, Grazing on the Green

1. Best Breakfast Dishes: The Avocado Factory

Absolutely every dish at The Avocado Factory is made using avocados. From morning toast to classic dishes with an innovative twist from avocado. This establishment is also a strong advocate for the environment, and the main goal is to prepare dishes with minimal impact on the environment.
Restaurant in Bali in Canggu area
The Avocado Factory

View locationThe Avocado Factory:
2. Moana

Moana is a diamond among Canggu restaurants, specializing in fish dishes. There is very tasty Polynesian cuisine here. Be sure to order all possible tuna options, especially the option in the picture on the right.
3. Canggito

Canggito - an establishment with Mexican cuisine and a wide selection of drinks! This restaurant is suitable for a trip with the whole family or a group of friends. The tennis court and sports club are within walking distance of Canggito, so there are items on the menu for those on a diet! The restaurant is very stylish and atmospheric
Canggito - a Mexican restaurant in Bali in the Canggu area
4. Grazing on the Green

Have a picnic on the oceanfront lawn with a rug and bean bag chairs at Grazing on the Green, located at Finns VIP Beach Club, open daily from 3:00 p.m.
Restaurant in the Canggu area on the island of Bali with excellent cuisine - Grazing on the Green
Grazing on the Green

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Sports clubs in Canggu, Bali

1. CrossFit Wanderlust Gym

The gym is located in the center of Canggu. This is a great place to work out together! This gym offers classes in CrossFit, stretching and many others. Exercise machines and sports equipment are in perfect order. This hall is chosen by tourists and expats.
Фитнес-центр в районе Чангу, спортивный зал на Бали
CrossFit Wanderlust

View location CrossFit Wanderlust:
2. Finns Tennis

Finns Tennis in Bali is one of the first and best indoor tennis centers on the island. The complex has 3 floodlit tennis courts with flexi-pave surface. The tennis club offers training programs that suit players of all levels. Group lessons are available for players of all ages and abilities.
Tennis club in Canggu on the island of Bali
Finns Tennis
3. Equestrian Club Bali Equestrian Center

An international equestrian center located in Canggu, on the magical island of Bali, covering an area of ​​2 hectares, founded in 2002 by an Australian equestrian enthusiast. Bali Equestrian Center has 40 stables, three indoor arenas and an outdoor show jumping area. Along the perimeter there is a pony riding track and 8 grass paddocks. Children can ride ponies around our beautiful, pristine grounds or take riding lessons from age 6.
Equestrian club in Canggu, Bali
Bali Equestrian Centre

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Excursions to Canggu, Bali

1. Canggu Bali Tour

Canggu Bali Tour is a local tour operator based in Canggu. All Canggu Bali Tours, with transfer from the hotel and back to the guests' accommodation. On the website you can choose a tour that will suit you! You can choose a tour of Canggu's attractions, temples and more.

Tour of Canggu area on Bali island
Canggu Bali Tour

View location Canggu Bali Tour:
2. Bali Dirt Bikes

Tours in 4x4, SUV and off-road vehicles. Suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

Tours by bike and car in the Canggu area, Bali
Bali Dirt Bikes

View location Bali Dirt Bikes:
3. Baruna Surf Culture

Private surf lessons and surf instruction in the Canggu area, one of the hottest surf spots on the planet. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer, Baruna Surf Culture will teach you how to get on your board. Qualified surf coaches will teach you how to surf from scratch or help you improve your surfing skills in a fun and easy way.

Surf lessons in Bali in Canggu area
Baruna Surf Culture

View location Baruna Surf Culture:

Hotels and villas in the Canggu area of ​​Bali

Hotels and villas in the Canggu area - Villa Waringin, COMO Uma Canggu, The BK Village

1. Villa Waringin

The villa is located in Canggu, 900 meters from Echo Beach. Batu Bolong Beach is 1.5 km from Villa Waringin, while Berawa Beach is 2.4 km from the property. The hotel has a private beach and car rentals. The nearest airport is Ngurah Rai International Airport, 12 km away.
Villa in Bali in Canggu area
Villa Waringin

View location Villa Waringin:

Price per night: $2000 and up
2. COMO Uma Canggu

The luxurious COMO Uma Canggu is located in Canggu, minutes from Echo Beach. This hotel has a spacious outdoor pool with panoramic views of the beach.

Breakfast is served every morning at COMO Resort Uma Canggu. The restaurant specializes in international cuisine. It is possible to order vegetarian or gluten-free dishes.

Hotel in Bali in Canggu area
COMO Uma Canggu

View location COMO Uma Canggu:

Price per day: $1,000
3. The BK Village

The BK Village is a luxury hotel located in Canggu in the jungle. All villas at this hotel are decorated in ethnic style. Spa services can be booked on site.

BK Village Umalas Resort is located next to Ku De Ta Beach Club and Potato Head Beach Club. The journey to Ngurah Rai Airport takes approximately half an hour.
Hotel with villa complex in Bali in Canggu
The BK Village

View location The BK Village:

Price per day: 800 $

Buying property in the Canggu area of ​​Bali

Cost of purchasing a square meter of real estate: $1,800 - $3,000

Rent of a one-room villa or apartment per day: 200 $ - 300 $

Villa in Bali in Canggu No. 37 ($3,553 per m²)
Villa with panoramic views and a swimming pool in the center of Canggu , located near the three main beaches of the area. Building area: 121 m², Land area - 150 m². Income from renting out a villa:
Profit taking into account expenses and taxes per year - $86,735 (20%). Payback - 5 years. Conditions for owning real estate: Type of ownership of land and real estate - leasehold 26 years

Apartment in Bali in Canggu No. 34 ($3,830 per m²)
Oceanfront apartment with panoramic views and pool in Canggu.
Building area : 47 m². Income from renting out apartments:
Profit taking into account expenses and taxes per year - $38,448 (21%). Payback - 5 years

Type of land and real estate ownership - leasehold 30 years + extension

Inquire about real estate options in Bali in the Canggu area for yourself or for investment for sale or re-renting.
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