Denpasar area in Bali

The capital of Bali, one of the largest areas in southern Bal

The Denpasar district is Bali's main district and administrative center. Denpasar is not a resort in the typical sense; here tourists will not find the natural attractions of the island: beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes. Denpasar is home to a fifth of Bali's population.

Entertainment in Bali In the east of Denpasar there is a calm Sanur beach. Not far from the coast there is a landmark - Blanjong Temple.

Denpasar has a developed shopping and shopping culture. There are many popular tourist shopping spots - shops and workshops, large shopping centers.

Restaurants in Denpasar, Bali

1. Il Pomodoro

Italian restaurant in the heart of Denpasar. Pizza, pasta, ravioli and many other items are presented in this establishment. Visitors love this place. Also, this establishment has vegetarian options, and even vegetarian pizzas.

2. International Restaurant Hongkong

Not just a restaurant, but an establishment where the soul of the East is felt in every dish. Delicious appetizers, flavorful soups, traditional noodles and rice, fresh seafood and succulent meat dishes await you.
Two Fat Monks Asian Bistro & Coffee
Two Fat Monks Asian Bistro & Coffee

International Restaurant Hongkong:

3. Two Fat Monks Asian Bistro & Coffee

In addition to delicious food, this restaurant is suitable for parties and events. You can rent a whole hall and throw a party. Visitors respond extremely positively to this restaurant in the center of Denpasar!
Two Fat Monks Asian Bistro & Coffee
Two Fat Monks Asian Bistro & Coffee

Two Fat Monks Asian Bistro & Coffee:

Sports clubs in Denpasar, Bali

1. Gym Soham Wellness Center

A regular gym located in Denpasar, Bali. Good treadmills and a full range of exercise equipment.
Soham Wellness Center
Soham Wellness Center

Смотреть локацию Soham Wellness Center:
2. Body Pilates

Visitors recommend this place to anyone looking for a miracle fitness program in Bali that benefits the body.
Rai Fitness Sunset Bali
Rai Fitness Sunset Bali
3. Rai Fitness Sunset Bali

Variety of equipment and wide range of group classes. From the receptionists to the STs, they are all very friendly, helpful and professional. I am also blessed to have met Mr. Jhonny's sales team who are very attentive and committed to their business. In short, you never feel like you're just a number, no matter how much they
Rai Fitness Sunset Bali
Rai Fitness Sunset Bali

Excursions in Denpasar, Bali

Excursions in Denpasar - Gorgeous Bali Tour, Bali Golden Tour

1. Gorgeous Bali Tour

The company organizes rafting and ATV rides along routes in Denpasar and other areas of Bali. Such an eventful excursion will not leave anyone indifferent! Visitors are happy with the tours and the guide who conducts them!
Gorgeous Bali Tour
Gorgeous Bali Tour
2. Bali Golden Tour

Excellent excursions around Bali and the Denpasar area. A fun trip to the main attractions of Denpasar. Rafting, excursions in vintage cars and much more!

Bali Golden Tour
Bali Golden Tour

Buying property in the Denpasar area of ​​Bali

Rent of a one-room villa or apartment per day: 100 $ - 200 $

Cost of purchasing a square meter of real estate: $1,500 - $3,000

Villa in Bali in Denpasar No. 304

Villa in Bali in Denpasar, Bali
Area : building - 75 m². Rental income:
Profit taking into account expenses and taxes per year - $32,040 (32%)
Payback - 3 years
Inquire about real estate options in Bali in the Canggu area for yourself or for investment for sale or re-renting.
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