Uluwatu area in Bali

Located at the southwestern point of the Bukit Peninsula, the alluring and mysterious Uluwatu

The name of the area "Uluwatu" means "top", "stone", "rock". The name is due to the temple of Pura Luhur Uluwatu - it stands right on the edge of a picturesque cliff that goes into the raging ocean.

Tourists visit Uluwatu primarily because of the high, steep waves. Uluwatu is the surfing capital of Bali. Due to the natural landscape and steep cliffs, there are few hotels in Uluwatu. Experienced surfers stay in this area for a long time, since swimming among the local waves is difficult, and there are no other interesting activities nearby.

The beaches in Uluwatu are mostly wild, clean and beautiful. To get to the shore, sometimes you need to go down steep steps or make your way under rock arches.

The Uluwatu area in Bali will appeal to those tourists who love surfing, exploring wild beaches, who came to Bali not only for surfing, but also who like to spend a lot of time on wild beaches.

Uluwatu beaches in Bali

Popular beaches in Uluwatu - Uluwatu Beach, Padang Padang Beach, Dreamland beach

1. Uluwatu Beach

A beautiful beach located among the rocks. Uluwatu Beach is loved by advanced surfers. With white sand and azure water, this is a must-see beach in Bali.

2. Padang Padang Beach

This beach in the Uluwatu area is not large, but beautiful, with rocks everywhere. This beach is suitable for leisurely walks, as well as for interesting photo sessions, because this beach offers amazing views. The beach itself is quite quiet and uncrowded.

3. Dreamland beach

The most popular tourist destination in Uluwatu. A very beautiful beach, you can spend hours admiring and admiring the ocean. The only negative of this beach is that it is completely unsuitable for swimming, very high strong waves hitting the rocks.

Nightclubs in Uluwatu, Bali

Top nightclubs in Uluwatu - Savaya Bali, Single Fin
1. Savaya Bali

Savaya Bali (formerly OMNIA) is a famous club in Bali and one of the most visited places among guests of the entire island. Ocean views, swimming pools and high-pitched DJ decks make Savaya Bali iconic despite its high prices.
2. Single Fin

With an amazing view of the ocean right from the cliff, this club has gained incredible popularity thanks to its interesting location. Parties are strictly on Wednesdays and Sundays; the rest of the time the establishment is suitable for watching sunsets.

Restaurants in Uluwatu, Bali

Best restaurants in Uluwatu - El Kabron, The Cashew Tree, Rolling Fork, The Loft Uluwatu
1. El Kabron

The most famous restaurant in Bali is El Kabron. Designed in a marine style, the spacious infinity pool merges with the horizon. DJs perform at the venue. El Kabron is famous for its stunning ocean views and unique sunsets.
The menu features popular dishes, mainly of Spanish cuisine.
2. The Cashew Tree

This cafe is located in a quiet place, away from the usual noise of the streets of Bali. And the cafe is called that because of the cashew trees growing right here.
The menu has a lot of organic and healthy dishes.
3. Rolling Fork

Rolling Fork is an Italian restaurant in Bali in the Uluwatu area. The restaurant is decorated in light colors and creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. The owner of the establishment is from Italy, so all the dishes are incredibly authentic.
Uluwatu Restaurants
Rolling Fork

Смотреть локацию Rolling Fork:
4. The Loft Uluwatu

The Loft is a cafe in the Uluwatu area on the island of Bali. There are several things about this place that make you want to come: delicious food, excellent service and a really nice atmosphere. I want to come here again and again!
5. Fren'cha

Fren'cha is a French establishment in the Uluwatu area of Bali! At this cafe you can enjoy pastries, delicious coffee and a variety of breakfasts. Visitors note that the portions are quite large, and in addition to French cuisine, the menu also includes sandwiches and burgers.

Sports clubs in Uluwatu, Bali

1. Uluwatu collective

The Uluwatu collective gym offers classes on CrossFit, weight lifting, interval training and much more. The training room is roomy and spacious. There are Balinese coaches and one Brazilian who is the founder of the Uluwatu collective.
2. Fitness Plus Uluwatu

This room hosts group classes in yoga, zumba, and step. The hall is spacious, and the equipment in it is new and, as a main plus, there are floor-length mirrors everywhere, allowing you to monitor the correctness of the exercises. The gym offers personal training with local instructors.
3. 360 MOVE Gym & Training Center

360 MOVE Gym & Training Center is a state-of-the-art fitness center that offers dance, fitness, pilates and dance classes!

This is where you can go beyond your perceived boundaries and become the person you aspire to be.

Gyms in Bali
360 MOVE Gym & Training Center

Excursions to Uluwatu in Bali

Excursions to Canggu - TripGuru, Bali Adventure Experience’s

1. TripGuru

This tour includes a visit to the 1000 year old Uluwatu Temple, watch the sunset from the stunning cliff top viewpoint and enjoy Balinese music and traditional dance performances on this tour.
2. Bali Adventure Experience’s

This tour operator runs ATV tours around the Uluwatu area. Accompanied by an instructor, you will walk a challenging route and then enjoy a stunning sunset on a cliff in the Uluwatu region!
Excursions Bali
Bali Adventure Experience’s

Bali Adventure Experience’s:

Luxury hotels and villas in Uluwatu, Bali

Luxury hotels and villas in the Uluwatu area - Stay at Ulu, The Edge Bali, Karma Kandara

1. Stay at Ulu

This Ulu Cliffhouse is located in Uluwatu, next to a restaurant and bar. You won’t be bored in this hotel, because there are often evening entertainment programs, and every visitor is provided with concierge services. It is worth noting the convenient location of this hotel - Suluban Beach is 500 meters from the hotel, and the Uluwatu Temple is just a few kilometers away.
Hotel in Uluwatu
Stay at Ulu

Stay at Ulu:

Цена за сутки: 300 $ - 500 $
2. The Edge Bali

A complex of 5-star villas located on a cliff. Features a private pool, home entertainment system, world-class spa and fitness center.

The airport can be reached in 45 minutes, and three kilometers from the complex there is a huge golf course that meets international standards.
Вилла в Улувату
The Edge Bali

The Edge Bali:

Цена за сутки: 1 500 $ - 3 000 $
3. Karma Kandara

Located on Ungasan Hill in the Uluwatu district of Bali, Karma Kandara Hotel features an exclusive beach club and fitness center and spa. Not far from Karma Kandara is Karma Beach.
Hotel in Uluwatu
Karma Kandara

Karma Kandara:

Цена за сутки: 800 $ - 1 000 $

Buying property in the Uluwatu area of Bali

Rent of a one-room villa or apartment per day: 150 $ - 200 $

Cost of purchasing a square meter of real estate: $3,000 - $5,000

Apartment in Bali in Uluwatu No. 328 ($5,425 per m²)

Bali apartment with pool and ocean in Uluwatu
Area: building - 35 m². Rental income:
Profit after expenses and taxes per year - $26,263 (16.5%)
Payback - from 7 years
Apartment in Bali in Uluwatu No. 328 ($5,425 per m²)
Apartment with pool by the ocean in Bali in Uluwatu
Building area: 35 m². Income from renting out apartments:
Profit after expenses and taxes per year - $26,263 (16.5%)
Payback - from 7 years
Inquire about real estate options in Bali in the Canggu area for yourself or for investment for sale or re-renting.
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