Umalas area in Bali

An area for a quiet and relaxing holiday

The Umalas area of ​​Bali is a picturesque area located on the west coast of the island, near Kerobokan. Umalas is intended for a calm, serene holiday or life. It is home to many wealthy Europeans, Americans and Japanese who have settled in Bali.

There is no noisy life in Umalas, so this area is most suitable for family life. There are also no beaches in this area.

The infrastructure of Umalas is quite well developed; there are a sufficient number of shops, restaurants, cafes, massage parlors and salons. In this area of ​​Umalas there are wonderful cafes and restaurants that deserve attention, and where you can always eat good food for breakfast and lunch, as well as get gastronomic pleasure from dinner.

Umalas Restaurants in Bali

The best restaurants in Umalas - Starfish Bloo, Uma Garden, Este Cafe And Resto
1. Starfish Bloo

A vibrant oceanfront restaurant with only the freshest seafood on its menu! The exclusive menu is inspired by the bounty of the ocean and complemented by garden-fresh vegetables and fruits.
Starfish Bloo
Starfish Bloo

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3. Este Cafe And Resto

Great atmosphere, delicious food and amazing locations for excellent shots!
Uma Garden
Uma Garden
3. Este Cafe And Resto

Отличная атмосфера, вкусная еда и потрясающие локации для превосходных кадров!
Este Cafe And Resto
Este Cafe And Resto

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Sports clubs in Umalas, Bali

1. Umalas Pilates Studio

A Pilates studio with group classes in the Umalas area of ​​Bali, people note the professionalism of the trainers and the high quality of the classes themselves.
Umalas Pilates Studio

Umalas Pilates Studio

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2. Bali Fitness Training

Good equipment, professional trainers, and real results after training. Bali Fitness Training is a spacious private gym located in the quiet area of ​​Umalas, offering a positive atmosphere to all visitors.

Bali Fitness Training

Bali Fitness Training

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3. Gym & Sauna Umalas

Small gym in the Umalas area with a sauna inside.

Gym & Sauna Umalas
Gym & Sauna Umalas

Buying property in the Umalas area of ​​Bali

Purchase of a square meter of real estate: $2,000 - $3,000

Rent of a one-room villa or apartment per day: $150 - $300

Apartment in Bali in Umalas No. 100 ($3,962 - $4,127 per m2)

Apartment in a luxury complex in the Umalas area on the island of Bali with panoramic views of the ocean
Area : building - 60.58 m². Rental income:
Profit after expenses and taxes per year - $51,264 (21%)

Payback - 5 years

Luxury Villa 5 bedrooms in Bali in a villa complex, Umalas No. 105 ($1,909 per m²)
5 bedroom villas in a luxury complex in the Umalas area on the island of Bali with panoramic ocean views.
Building area: 864 m².
Inquire about real estate options in Bali in the Canggu area for yourself or for investment for sale or re-renting.
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