Bali Developers

We specialize in commercial real estate investments in Bali and invite you to cooperate with us. Before we start discussing cooperation, we present to you our vision for mutually beneficial cooperation:

Commercial real estate objects are premises, buildings, structures and plots that are intended to make a profit by renting out or doing business directly by the owner. The owner of a commercial object can be both a legal entity and an individual

We are an investor-centered company, those for us are primarily important to the interests of the investor.

For our institutional and private investors:

1. We present exclusively objects corresponding to their financial and aesthetic needs.

2.We conduct an audit of a construction company, which includes a comprehensive assessment of economic, technical and legal activities, which helps us to correctly form a construction budget, preventing its overstatement, assess the economic feasibility of financing volumes and prevent misuse of resources.

3.We evaluate the investment object
4. We analyze the experience of working with investors and conduct private interviews with your investors for this purpose, in order to determine whether the terms of the transaction were met.
5. We check the reputation of the development company.

In turn, our partners, construction companies get the opportunity to:

1. To present investment real estate to private investment experts and investment funds of Russia.

2. Do not waste your resources on other channels of attracting investors.

This approach allows professional investors in commercial real estate to get the best investment options in Bali and provide them with maximum profitability with minimal risks. And at the same time, it allows construction companies to reduce the costs and timing of attracting investments and other resources, which increases the focus on the creation of real estate.

What is necessary to become a BaliRay partner?

1.Contact us.

2.Provide financial statements for the last 5 years demonstrating the return on investment when buying, selling and renting.

3. Provide permits for land ownership, construction, project documentation including the results of the study of the site, architectural design and financial calculation.

4.Provide the calculation of the return on investment using the methods of  comparative, costly and profitable approaches.

5. Provide the contacts of previous investors for an anonymous interview and a reputation check.

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