Development projects
We are developing development projects in Bali
Real estate investments:
We attract investments in development projects in Bali for the construction of real estate in Bali providing high profitability.
Development of a development project in Bali
We develop the ideology and concept of the project, select a land plot, offer architectural solutions, analyze the return on investment.

Construction and commissioning

We build real estate in Bali, put it into operation, sell it or transfer it to the management of a management company that provides dividend income.

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Development project with an income of 35% per year. No.49
Development project – Construction and sale of 9 villas in the popular tourist area of Bali.
Location Umalas, Bali, Indonesia Complex of 9 villas for rent - 1st quarter of 2024.
Estimated profitability:
Price 400,000 $
Rent per year - $ 67,509 (16%) Payback of 4.7 years.
Sale of the object - $ 440,000
Profit on sale = $140,000 (+35%)
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