Construction of a villa in Bali

  • Best price
  • Personal construction manager
  • Direct contract with the construction company

How to build a custom villa?

  • We organize the entire construction process from geological work to final finishing, furnishing, and commissioning.
  • We will help you select a developer who has already built villas or apartments that meet your requirements.
  1. Work process:
Selection of a land plot We will help you select and purchase a land plot or you can provide your own land plot with the necessary parameters:
  • Ocean view
  • Jungle view
  • Proximity to luxury hotels
  • High rental yield
  • Any other option

2.Architectural work:
We will develop an architectural project for you or, based on your project, we will calculate the full estimate (BOQ/RAP).

3. Construction:
We will provide you with the opportunity to choose a developer and sign a direct contract with the construction company! This will allow you to significantly save on construction costs.

4.Project management:
We will provide you with a construction manager who will oversee the construction, technical, and architectural supervision, as well as the entire business process of the construction.

5.Commissioning and property management:
After the commissioning of your villa, we can take over the management of your property.

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Stages of building your own villa in Bali:
Stages of building your own villa in Bali:

I. Defining the characteristics of your future villa.

  • Based on your needs, the characteristics of your future villa are determined - location, concept, architecture, purpose.
  • A specialized architect, location, and developer are selected for the task.

II. Reservation

  • After the preliminary determination of the location, selection of the developer, and architectural plan, a reservation deposit of $10,000 is made.
  • You and the developer sign a letter of intent, based on which a specific land plot is chosen and preparatory work for organizing the business process begins.

III. Selection and purchase of a land plot.

  • A specific land plot is selected according to the client's needs.
  • The land plot is purchased and registered in the client's name.

IV. Selection or development of an architectural project and financial planning.

  • A ready-made architectural project is chosen or a new one is created. The cost of creating a new architectural project is calculated individually.
  • A preliminary estimate is formed.
  • In accordance with the architectural project and the estimate, you are provided with a construction plan and a payment schedule.

V. Financing the villa construction and documentation.

  • A construction contract is signed.
  • The developer obtains all necessary permits and begins construction work. The construction duration for a standalone villa is up to 1 year.
  • You make payments for all construction stages according to the payment schedule.

VI. Receiving the completed villa.

  • After the villa is constructed, you accept the villa according to the act of acceptance-transfer of the property and the necessary documents.

Building a custom villa is usually $300 per square meter cheaper than the market price, allowing the buyer to either resell it with a 30% profit or rent it out with a 20% annual return.